Web Print

Web Print to UNOH Printers.

Web Print to UNOH Printers

For the convenience of all faculty, staff, and students, UNOH allows personal devices such as laptops and tablets to print to certain campus printers using a web browser. Web Print directly supports the printing of MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and PDF documents in their entirety. Other printing needs can generally be accomplished using the Microsoft Windows XPS printer option or by saving as a PDF file. It should be noted that printing to UNOH printers using Web Print does use printing allotments as would any other print jobs submitted from campus computers.

The Web Print Mobile Client can be accessed from any browser by logging into http://my.unoh.edu and clicking on the “Web Print” link listed in the Quick Links panel or directly by logging into http://webprint.unoh.edu using your UNOH network username and password.

Once you are logged into the Web Print Mobile Client, click on “Web Print” in the left-hand navigation panel. This will show you a list of any active print jobs. Then click on the “Submit a Job” link in the right-hand side of the window.

Select the printer you would like to use then click the “2. Print Options and Account Selection” button. Keep in mind that you should select a printer that you are in close proximity to as print jobs are not held until your arrival at the printer.

Enter the number of copies you would like to print (limited to 10 or less). Keep in mind that all print submissions are printed in their entirety. If you would like just specific pages to be printed, you must break the file into the requisite pages, save them, then submit a document with only those pages saved within it.

Click the “3. Upload Documents” button.

You may either drag and drop the file(s) onto the “Select documents to upload and print” panel if your device supports this or you may click the “Upload from computer” button then navigate to the file(s) you would like to print. Once you’ve made the selection(s), click the “Upload & Complete” button.

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure are the files that I’ve uploaded for printing?

For the security of personal and business data, any and all files that are submitted (uploaded) for printing are retained just long enough to complete the printing process. After printing, the files are immediately deleted from the print server and cannot be recovered.

What file types can I print

Web Print supports the printing of MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files along with PDF and XPS document types. Any other files types that may be uploaded to Web Print will not be printed and are subsequently deleted from the print server. The failure in attempting to print an unknown file type are reported in the print logs.

How do I print other things besides Word and Excel?

Although Web Print is limited in the types of items that it can directly print from, it does support the printing of XPS files which can be useful in printing other materials. For example, you may wish to print a web page from a browser or print from other programs that are not directly supported. To do this you must first send the print job to a file so that the resulting file can be submitted for printing. Please note that the XPS printing functionality is only available on the latest versions of Microsoft Windows.

Windows makes the XPS printer available for use through a pseudo printer named “Microsoft XPS Document Writer”. This is an available printer set up by default on most Windows-based computers. So rather than printing to a physical printer, you would print to the XPS printer instead. For example, you might choose to print a web page from within Internet Explorer or Chrome. When you print from either of these, you would select the Microsoft XPS Document Writer from the list of available printers. You will then be asked to provide a file name in which to store the “printed” document. The resulting XPS file is the file that you would submit for printing by Web Print. Once this is completed, you may discard this temporary XPS file.

Alternatively, if your device is able to print to PDF or save as PDF, this may be another option to consider.

How do I print a couple pages from a larger document?

Web Print does not support page selection at this time. Your only option is to create a smaller document that contains only those pages you wish to print, then upload that for printing by Web Print.