Password Options for your UNOH User Account

Forgot your password, or need to change it?

Password Options for your UNOH User Account

UNOH employs a password change and reset system using Microsoft 365. In order to reset your password, you will be prompted to provide a mobile phone number and an alternate e-mail address the first time you successfully access your UNOH e-mail account. Learn more about this process here.

  • If you have forgotten or do not know your UNOH password, click the button above. If you need additional help, you can submit a support ticket here.

  • If you would like to change your UNOH password, and know your existing password, click the button above to log in and change it.

  • Set your account recovery options in the event you lose your UNOH password.

  • Complexity requirements for your UNOH password.

  • Trouble logging in after a recent password change? Your account may be locked because of too many incorrect login attempts.