What is MFA?

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is a process by which a user is required to provide more than one method of identifying themselves before gaining access to resources. In essence, you need to know something (username and password) and you need to have something (mobile phone or token). MFA protects your account from bad actors who have acquired your username and password and are attempting to access your information.

UNOH uses the Microsoft 365 platform for password reset and MFA. In order to protect your account and provide simple password reset, two methods of account verification are required. These methods include the Authenticator app, text message, phone, alternate phone, alternate email and/or security questions.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

While the combination of username and password was the standard for account security not long ago, attacks on user accounts have become much more sophisticated. The Department of Education and the FTC now require post-secondary institutions to use multifactor authentication for both students and staff in order to protect data stored in campus information systems.

Due to regulations from the Department of Education and the FTC, UNOH is not permitted to allow users other than the student themselves to access the user account and related student information. UNOH recommends working with your student directly to acquire the necessary information.

Since users are recommended to register two different account verification methods, you can choose to verify your account with a secondary method. For example, if your phone number changes you can simply verify your account with the Microsoft Authenticator app. After successfully logging in, you should update your account verification options at https://aka.ms/setupsecurityinfo.

Users who have mobile devices without cellular service can still access their account using an alternative method of account verification. Microsoft recommends downloading the Authenticator App from your app store. You will need to register two verification methods including Authenticator app, text message, phone, and alternate phone

Please submit a Helpdesk Ticket and the IT Department will work with you to provide access to your account

Alternate methods of account verification include text message, phone, alternate phone, alternate email and/or security questions.