Changing Your Password, Work-Orders & More.

Password Problem?

If you have trouble logging in to any of our UNOH sites, and know your current password, please try to change your password at In some cases you password may have expired.

Note: Faculty and staff are not permitted to perform a password reset (lost password) for security reasons. Password changes (password is known) are permitted, however.

UNOH IT Support

Examples: Password Reset, Technical Support

Work Order and New Project Requests

Issues related to your e-mail, Colleague, reporting, and other technology services require an IT Work Order. The work order ensures that the proper technician is assigned to your request. Click here to access the IT Work Order form.

NOTE: If you are prompted for a password, please enter your full UNOH e-mail address.

What is My Computer Number?

If you are on campus, using a UNOH-assigned computer, a technician may need to connect to your computer to offer remote assistance. Use the document below to find your computer number.

System Maintenance

The IT Department performs system maintenance Friday mornings between 4-7am. Many campus services are unavailable at that time.