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Remote Proctor Instructions

Step 1:Remote Proctor System-Check & Installation

Remote Proctor System-Check and Installation

Note: You must complete the system-check to access the installation.

Step 2: Testing the Remote Proctor

Download/View Step 2 Instructions

If you need assistance, please call Software Secure at 1-855-436-2039 or use the Software Secure Online Support.

If you still require assistance after contacting Software Secure, please email

Step 3: Taking a Test with the Remote Proctor

Some courses use online tests and some use paper tests.

If you are allowed to use extra resources while testing, you must hold those up to show the camera that you are indeed using the materials in the correct manner. If blank scrap paper is allowed, make sure you show that the paper is blank by holding it up to the camera and showing both sides of the paper.

Please review the course materials in the module or in the syllabus to determine how tests are administered in this course. Then follow the appropriate directions below.

*Students please make sure that you stay connected to the internet and leave your computer powered on for a minimum of one half of an hour after completing your test so that your video feeds will transmit to Software Secure.