Microsoft Authenticator App

Protect Your UNOH Account with Push Notifications

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UNOH recommends the Authenticator app for simple password reset and account verification. The following instructions will help you install and configure the Authenticator app on your mobile device.

You will complete the following steps:

  1. Download and install Microsoft Authenticator
  2. Add your UNOH account
  3. Disable App Lock feature
  4. Set your default sign-in method

1. Download and Install Microsoft Authenticator

On your mobile device, download and install the Microsoft Authenticator app from your app store (Google Play or App Store).

2. Add Your UNOH Account

Open the Microsoft Authenticator app and tap I Agree if prompted. Tap Add Account.

Add Work or School Account

Click the Sign In option if you are prompted. Otherwise, continue.

Enter your UNOH email address and click Next

Enter your UNOH password and click Sign In. Note: if you receive a verification code, or phone call, you will need to complete the verification process before proceeding.

Tap the Finish button

You may receive a notice about the App Lock feature. We will be disabling this feature in the next step.

3. Disable App Lock

Tap the menu icon in the Authenticator app, then tap Settings

Android iOS

Turn off the App Lock feature.

4. Set your default sign-in method

Change your Default Sign-in Method to Microsoft Authenticator - notification and click confirm.