Cloud storage for students, faculty, and staff.

How to move files from H: to OneDrive

Note: These instructions apply to UNOH employees only. Students use OneDrive exclusively, and do not have an H: drive. H: drive access for employees will be discontinued by June 2023.

  1. Navigate to your H: Drive.
  2. Delete old files and folders that you no longer need. This will speed up the process.
    • Example: Delete old Moodle backups (UNOH uses Canvas now)
  3. Select all folders & files you wish to keep (ctrl+A) and copy them (ctrl+C).
  4. Open your ‘OneDrive – University of Northwestern Ohio’ folder from the file explorer.
  5. Click inside the OneDrive folder and paste (ctrl+V) the files.
  6. The files will start to copy over. This can take a several minutes depending on the size and number of files.
  7. Confirm all your files are in OneDrive. It may take a few minutes before the files are synchronized. You can verify by visiting
  8. Submit a Helpdesk Ticket to have your old H: drive removed.