Cloud Print Service

Using UNOH Google Cloud Print Service

Using UNOH Google Cloud Print Service

The UNOH Google Cloud Print service is available for use across a wide variety of devices giving you the ability to print to certain UNOH network printers (see list of available UNOH printers) through your UNOH printing account. Although this service isn’t available for use on all devices, it does work on many that support the use of the Google Chrome browser (this includes Windows PCs, laptops, and tablets), the Google Cloud Print app for Android tablets and phones (available in the Play Store if not already pre-installed on your Android device). There are also iOS and OS X paid apps in the Apple App Store for iPhone/iPad/Mac use that can be used to attach your Apple devices to the Google Cloud Print service.

Visit for a list of supported devices and available software (some are free to use).

Step 1: Verify Your Device

You must first be sure that your device (laptop/phone/tablet) is ready to use Google Cloud Print by installing the appropriate software. Please visit Google’s support page at if you are in doubt.

Step 2: Join The Google Group

You need to join the Google Group “UNOH Google Cloud Print” using your Google account. For Android users this would likely be the account used to set up your device (phone or tablet).

Follow this link:!forum/unoh-google-cloud-print

Step 3: Email the Test Document

You will need to send an email message from your Google account (Gmail) in order to establish your identity with the UNOH PaperCut service before you will be able to print the UNOH network printers. To do this:

  1. Send an email message from your Gmail account to one of the designated UNOH printer email addresses along with the provided attachment. The best address to use would be the one assigned to the printer you are closest to so that you can confirm that the document has printed.
  2.,, or
  3. You do not need to fill in the subject or message area.
  4. Attach the “Hello World” PDF to the message. This will be printed to the designated printer when you have successfully established your identity.
  5. Send the message then wait for a response message from the UNOH PaperCut service.

Step 4: Confirm Your Account

Shortly after you send the above message you will receive a message from that contains a link to the UNOH PaperCut Web Print service. This link will be used to finish up the process of establishing your identity with the PaperCut service. To do this:

  1. Touch or click the link embedded in the message. The link will look similar to this example:
  2. When the browser on your device (phone or tablet) displays the PaperCut service, log into the system using your UNOH user ID and password. This will link your Google account to your UNOH account thereby establishing your identity.
  3. Touch or click the button to print the “Hello World.pdf” document.
  4. The printer will then print a page with the words “Hello World!!!” confirming that you are now allowed to print from your device to UNOH network printers.

Step 5: Success!

From this point forward you will be able to print to the published UNOH network printers from your portable device using the print command found in many apps.