Cloud storage for students, faculty, and staff.

OneDrive Basics

How to install/set up OneDrive on your computer

Windows 10 - OneDrive is built into Windows 10. Search for OneDrive and sign in to set it up.

Access on any web browser - Go to and click on the OneDrive icon

Android/iPhone - Go to the play store/app store and download the OneDrive app.

How to locate OneDrive on your computer

  • File Explorer

  • System Tray

  • Program Files

  • Create Shortcuts

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How to save a Microsoft Office file to OneDrive using the desktop client

In Word (Excel, PowerPoint, etc) Click ‘File’, ‘Save As’, double click on 'OneDrive – University of Northwestern Ohio', choose the folder location where you want to safe the document and click ‘save’.

OR ‘Save As’, click on ‘Browse’ and choose ‘OneDrive – University of Northwestern Ohio’ from the file explorer. Navigate to the folder you want to save to and click ‘save’.

How to upload a file to OneDrive on the web

Go to and log in. Select OneDrive. Click the Upload button from the top of the page. Choose file or folder, then navigate to and select the file/folder, then click Open.

OR, just drag the file(s) into the OneDrive window in your browser.

OneDrive Icon Key

Sharing OneDrive Files

Sharing from Office 2016 applications

  1. The file must be saved in OneDrive first.
  2. At the top right hand side click on ‘Share’.
  3. In the ‘Invite people’ box, type in the name or email of who you want to share. Choose ‘Can edit’ or ‘Can view’. Include a message if you would like and click ‘Share’. An email will be sent to yourself and to who you have shared the document.

Email a shareable file as an attachment in Outlook 2016

  1. Start a new email. Click on ‘Attach file’.
  2. When you look at ‘Recent Items’ some files may have a cloud icon. If you attach the file with the cloud or if you choose to ‘Browse Web Locations’ and attach the file you will give editing rights by default and they will be able to see any changes you make and vice versa. You may also change the permissions to ‘Recipients can view.’
  3. If you choose a file without a cloud icon or choose Browse this PC, the file will only be attached. No sharing by default, and the user will not be able to see any changes you make.
  4. Take a look at the two attached files to see the differences.

Share a file on the web

  1. Go to and log in. Click on ‘OneDrive’. Select the file or folder you want to share. Click ‘Share’ at the top of the page. OR, right click the file/folder and click ‘Share’.
  2. Type in the name or email of who you want to share the file. ‘Can edit’ is the default permission or you may change the access to ‘Can view’. Include a message if you would like and click ‘Share’.
  3. Note: If you share a folder every file that gets put in the folder automatically gets shared.